Complaint: Discrimmination, wrongful accused and deactivated acccount with out pay

on 21 July 2019 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Hi i need to file a complaint against uber eats I have been a 5 star driver for over 30 days now with Uber Eats delivering food off the Uber Eats app. I recieved a message saying my account will be deactivated Uber eats accusing me of not the one completeing the deliveries I have done all trips completes provided uber eats proof now uber eats deactavated my account with put pay when i was completeing a order on July 18 2019. Also why should u as a felivery driver have to constint drive around to get orders if ur in a busy area like halsted st ill or sibly blvd ill or even chicago i live in indiana but uber eats doesnt give me any vusiness in my home town so i have to travel dome times i get 1 customer and have to wait hours for next also the gps system on they app send u to wrong places uber eats never explained how long u have to deliver either and when a customer dont answer u call it in vut the cuatomer can still complain on u and uver eats says it wont effect u but it will if ur own boss u should get business now that uber eats deactovated my account they also took my ladt oay as well im ubavke to access to desposte into my account as uber drivers we are i title to insta pay up to 5 times a day well now it says i w9nt get paid till 21 tjat not fair im not a employee this is indepentendent contactor ur own vusienss i have conpletes all these trip and im my own boss i can ride with my frieds or mods its uber eats deliveryingfood for examole im a woman and i wanted to worm nites over nites but disnt wanna do it my self so my best friend went with me but only sat in thw car i went to thw resurant to pick up food 2 or 3 am no that not safe so now they uber eats accusedd me of never dirving tje total 100 somethibg trips and deavtivates and with out pay wow really im soo dusreoected and feele disppiinted how can u say we protect ur name if no oe answer door and u call it in as canceled for example the other day i was in ill on halsted cicero some one order 2 large drinks at 3 am a out a 20 min drive to droo off they didnt answer the door i called uber then i get the order again the resturant will not iasue out the food to u if it isnt u and im sur tje customer complained juat to do it but i deloveres it 2 times wow

Desired solution:

To reactivate my account after providing prrof its me
Release my earning to me treat me fairly and let me co ti w driving w uber eats and uber eats stop bullying tjere drivers like this and respect thwy hard work also for me to be avle to sit at a busy area instead of drivong aroundand get orders at least 5 a hour becauae im in busy areas and not to let others steal my business

Message from Robin from

10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Uber Eats

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