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on 05 September 2019 about ABC Student Transportation in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

My child has to be at her bus stop at 8:34am which is the pick up time.
It is asked of us parents to get our kids to the bus stop 15 minutes before.
Which means that my child needs to be at her bus stop at 8:19am.
After reviewing texts and times, my child made it there at exactly 8:19am.
The bus had already left.
My child sat at that stop until 9am.
I called the east side site and talk to a rude Dominique who tells me oh my driver made it there at 8:18am and left at 8:19am. I’m not going to get on my driver for 1 or 2 minutes. How about you ask your drivers to sit at the stop for more than 10 seconds and give the kids a chance to either cross the street or whatever they are doing to get there. If my kid made it there at 8:19a the driver made it there at 8:18a pulled off at 8:19a it means that my child was at her stop on time and she missed the bus by seconds. HOWEVER I think if the driver had made it there at 8:19a like they were supposed my kid would’ve been on the bus. But I think if it was opposite and their kids were left and missed the bus by a few second they’d be ticked too. At the end of the day the driver made it there early which resulted in my child missing the bus and no sympathy or apology was even given just defending the driver who was wrong. Y’all ask us to get our kids there 15 minutes early, which I did. No one wants their kid standing outside on a corner longer than they have to in any neighborhood good or bad. Those few seconds, not minutes, SECONDS matters.

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Suggested solution:

Have the drivers sit at the stop for at least 30 seconds.
Even with the kids leaving out the house with enough time, you never know what obstacles they may face getting to that stop. Thirty seconds won\\\'t hurt especially if the driver made it to the stop early.

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