Complaint: Charity goods left for the charity shop

on 03 June 2019 about Rowcroft Hospice in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

Basically alot of fitness equipment wasleft for the charity shop outside and also a leather chair( now covered in seagull pooh) and awashing line a pogo stick ( your driver) from Rowcroft arrive at 6 am and move it away from rowcroft to the end of by my garage and their it stays( why) they do this when they dont like the look of something. Then staff working in Grape Tree can not park their car and me the resident that lives hear has to permently look at this rubbish dumped by your delivery drivers on my property. Neighbours opposite also have to tolerate this rubbish.
Furthermore the Rowcroft drivers at 6am also block my private gate entrance every morning and when I hace spoken to them previously they are very arrogant and abusive towards me and tell me they can park where they want.
However, I ask would you like it if someone permently blocked your entrance that is not only private property it is also a fire hazard and also prevents staff entering their workplace.
I ask you how would you feel if your entrance was blocked then when asked to move their were threatening a abusive!!!!!
I appreciate people leave some rubbish for your shop ( but it is for the charity shop) ( and) not for my personal home. So i suggest you install cameras and put a clearly visible sign so people get fined ie: if they leave stuff as this is not my charity shop and is not my problem but yours so please sort this out a.s.a.p.
As I will have no option but to inform the council that your staff are moving these items which the shop have photos of( grape tree) who park their and cant bec the items are in the way. Thankyou j burt

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Suggested solution:

1. Take reaponsibility for items left for your charity shop
2. Do not put items you do not want on my property( by the gate, by the garage etc)
3. Delivery drivers Rowcroft at 6am DO NOT block my silver gate or the garage area AT ANY TIME

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