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Statistics of Qatar Airways in the category Airlines

31 complaints last year
1.2 /10
32 ratings

Complaints overview

Ticket change

Complaint from on 06 July 2022 about Qatar Airways in category Airlines

I purchased Qatar airways ticket from a travel agency (Flugladen). On chat I ed the change service fee and price difference with customer service. I paid the agreed amount. The changed new ticket was issued. After 4 hrs they send... Read more

Delay flight

Complaint from on 05 July 2022 about Qatar Airways in category Airlines

Sorry this complain is just reaching now. I prepared and set up to travel from Abuja to Manchester (final destination) having travelled from Minna, Niger state to the Abuja, lodged in an Hotel, got to the airport on the... Read more


Complaint from on 07 June 2022 about Qatar Airways in category Airlines

I had a flight ticket from Los Angeles to Tehran with Qatar Airways. The June 4 flight was Flight 740 from Los Angeles to Doha and the next flight was Flight 498 from Doha to Tehran. Flight 740 at 16:00... Read more