Qatar Airways complaint: Denied board

on 24 January 2023 about Qatar Airways in category Airlines

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My complaint:

I want to SUE Qatar Airways company. What they did for me, it’s rude! I spent 5 hours fighting and trying to find a solution.

I had a flight for 14.12. I was in the airport in Doha and they couldn’t find me in the system so they rescheduled for me for 16.12. (From Doha to Belgrade, booking reference MGX2UM)

After that, I paid extra fees. Plus two nights in Doha plus a taxi plus I have a problem at work now.

12.12.2022 around 23:39 I gave a call to 40230000 and talked with the travel agent, he sent me a ticket for 14.12. I got mail for ticket 23:41.

In the airport they couldn’t see me in the system, they didn’t allow me to board.

I spent 5h trying to find a solution, after that I had to pay 190e extra for fees. Plus two nights in Doha plus a taxi. How possible that they made this mistake????

Especially, I want to highlight that no one wanted to help me, people ignored my issue, pretended they didn’t see my mail , till now they didnt make investigations (they have calls recorded)

10.1.2023 around 12:55 , i called 40230000 and reached to manager who told mw they will give me money back but still nothing. He saw problem, i didnt have itinerary with ticket, its not my mistake, i dont buy separate ticket and separate itinerary. I got mail with ticket 12.12.2022, and also i called them to check. I have all details if you can help me.

Thank you in advance.

Can you help me?

First for that 190e extra which i paid by their mistake, and plus they dont respond after everything plus punishment for me that night.

Suggested solution:

I want my money back because i didnt make mistake, i got ticket by mail, i called them to check when is my flight.

Also, i think they should pay something extra because of this punishment, they rescheduled my ticket for 2 days, i had issue at work because i didnt attend one meeting. Also, noone respond me for my problem till now. That is the biggest problem. I feel like ping pong ball, they send me from one place to other place, no one help and solve problem.

Denied board
Denied board
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