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No e-ticket received for my money

Complaint from on 07 June 2022 about Tripmonster in category Travel

On June 1st, 2022 I booked a flight from Salzburg to GdanskPoland with TripMonster. I received booking code 21088350 and was told I would be emailed my e-ticket and flight booking number within the next 72 hours. I haven't received anything.... Read more

Not paid refund

Complaint from on 19 May 2022 about Tripmonster in category Travel

I have booked an Airline ticket reference number 20154851 from and for some reasons I have cancelled that ticket and website deduct some cancellations fee and that they will process my refund but it’s been more than a... Read more

Refund of flights

Complaint from on 05 May 2022 about Tripmonster in category Travel

I booked 3 tickets worth 4000 USD from them from Delhi to Emirates. I cancelled my flight within 15 mins of booking. They showed that they will only deduct around 200 USD from the total amount. Now they are saying... Read more