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Not up to standard

Complaint from on 30 July 2021 about Big Easy in category Restaurants

We had originally booked the Covent Garden branch, where we ha e been numerous times and always had a great time, but our booking got redirected to Canary Wharf due to Covent Garden closing at short notice. It was our... Read more

Food Poisoning

Complaint from on 26 June 2021 about Big Easy in category Restaurants

am contacting you today not for a reservation but to this was the only email I could find to contact so please feel free to pass me onto a head office or please provide me with the appropriate emailnumber. I was... Read more


Complaint from on 19 May 2021 about Big Easy in category Restaurants

My friend and my self went there for her birthday we ordered the full lobster which was quite small it came with a small side salad and nothing else we paid £25 each and were still hungry. When I... Read more