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New store manager

Complaint from on 23 April 2022 about Walgreens in category Pharmacy

I am a professional that works now at Walgreens!! Never have I witnessed a new store mgr come in cleaning and only addressing the pharmacist!! Ur managers need training!! I’m very corporate and never ever would treat fellow workers with... Read more


Complaint from on 21 April 2022 about Walgreens in category Pharmacy

I made an online purchase and some of my items were replaced, I walked into a conveniently located Walgreen's store with my receipt, and the person trying to help me told me that I was not able to make my... Read more


Complaint from on 21 February 2022 about Walgreens in category Pharmacy

I just had the worst experience ever with the new Pharmacist that took over after Greg Dent left. Me and wife were in and he filed our insurance wrong and kept blaming everyone else instead of trying to solve our... Read more

Accusation of steaing

Complaint from on 13 January 2022 about Walgreens in category Pharmacy

I was accused of stealing and the Walgreens at 302 E. University in Urbana and have yet to get an apology for falsely accusing me and embarrassing me in front of people. I told nothing and have been a patron... Read more

Public hazard

Complaint from on 25 December 2021 about Walgreens in category Pharmacy

I was in the store picking up and returning an incorrect prescription. A custom was at the counter needed a civid test complaining the web was not allowing him to schedule the test. He had NO MASK! no... Read more


Complaint from on 01 December 2021 about Walgreens in category Pharmacy

I have been waiting since 9am for Walgreens pharm to fill my simple prescription. Hire more people if you can't run your darn company right. I was on hold for a total of 3 hours and your rude techs hung... Read more


Complaint from on 27 September 2021 about Walgreens in category Pharmacy

My vaccine was due on 09242021 at 1600, I had a prior appointment at the stated time, so I came to Walgreen at 1230, there was no one there waiting, so I ask could I get the vaccine, the lady... Read more