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Complaint from on 13 September 2020 about TEXRail in category Public Transport

I was waiting for the Eastbound train going to Grapevine to go to work. Announcement said track 2. Sign said track 2. So I sat on track 2 side. The train came on track 1 side so I got... Read more

Quiet zone

Complaint from on 06 July 2020 about TEXRail in category Public Transport

I live near train tracks, as well as a station that the TEXRAIL train frequents, all day every day. The last two weeks almost every single day there has been almost nonstop horns blasting every time the train drives by.... Read more

Poor customer service

Complaint from on 16 February 2020 about TEXRail in category Public Transport

I accidentally left something on the train. I immediately called and was told to wait until the next business day (2 days from now) to see if it gets turned in to the lost and found. Terrible customer service.... Read more