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Statistics of Swiss Chalet in the category Restaurants

52 complaints last year
1.5 /10
147 ratings

Swiss Chalet complaints:

Pickup order

Complaint from on 26 September 2022 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

When I order soup from anywhere I expect to get crackers with my order. The.lest time I ordered swiss chalet I ordered many things including a side of soup. I got crackers with my order. I order from paris ont.... Read more

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Complaint from on 24 August 2022 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

I was applying at the store and manager gave me a pen that doesnt work, tables were dirty, he didn't even give me his name when i asked, and finished by saying if we need you we call you. The... Read more

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fries are too salty

Complaint from on 16 August 2022 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

Over the past little while I have noticed the fries to be extremely salty. So salty there not even edible this has happened 3 different times at different locations. What ever you have done fix it its not... Read more

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Forgot my drinks

Complaint from on 16 July 2022 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

I went to the Swiss Chalet on green lane in Newmarket East Gwillimbury location. I order a chicken sandwich (white) combo, included a drink, along with a 14 chicken (white) combo with a drink. I had a CAA card that... Read more

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Not very Happy

Complaint from on 31 May 2022 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

Went into the Swiss Chalet Wanted to surprise my Husband. It was way to hot to cook anything, so I went to walk in . First hand I gave the fellow a coupon I received in the mail 2 can eat... Read more

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Complaint from on 25 May 2022 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

Sunday 23rd May . Entered @ 5 40pm, seated @ 6pm. Placed order @ 6 10pm, waitress told us they were very short staffed. Other diners were seated soon after arrival. 7pm still had not received food.... Read more

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