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Complaints overview

Date of occurrence: March 23, 2022 Places of occurrences: online iPhone computers hacking PARTIES Plaintiff Joshua kellier address is P.O. Box 23678, Brooklyn, ny, 11201 Defendants Microsoft headquarter location is Microsoft Corporation 408 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 I created my complaint which I filed with... Read more

Microsoft is biased in my opinion

Complaint from on 10 February 2022 about Microsoft in category Software

You people allow Trump to be trashed but don't allow any comments about many Canadian politicians. Why? I have had honest comments that were within your 'guidelines' erased shortly after sending Why? It seems to me that you people are 'selective' in... Read more

Damaged voucher code

Complaint from on 27 January 2022 about Microsoft in category Software

My son was purchased 3 x £25 Xbox vouchers for his birthday to use for his PlayStation. He has scratched the code off himself and partially damaged the first and last 5 numbers. I have spent the last 25 mins... Read more


Complaint from on 28 June 2021 about Microsoft in category Software

Hi After performing a Windows update, my computer Dell XPS with Windows 10 home office is asking me for Bitlocker code; I called technical service this morning and spent 2 hours on the phone and tried all suggestions: On the first... Read more