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4 complaints last year
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Complaint from on 18 September 2021 about TCF Bank in category Banks

I checked my balance online I was 135.00 to the good. I had overdraft protection and needed to make a 200.00 payment. I knew I would be 65.00 over drawn plus 37.00 for the overdraft making my account 92.00 in... Read more

Check return

Complaint from on 23 July 2021 about TCF Bank in category Banks

So I had Deposited a Check for Couple thousand of Auto parts and Tools I sold to some guy He gave me a check and he said the funds are available to be withdrawn and I deposited the check after... Read more

Overdraft scam

Complaint from on 05 April 2021 about TCF Bank in category Banks

I sent a payment to my credit card March 22nd 2021. The payment was scheduled for March 26th and it said that the payment had been processed. At that time my account had more than enough money to make the... Read more