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I called TCF because my bank account was suddenly negative. I have been sick as well as my daughter and husband. We finally get well enough to start back handling affairs, and because of TCF we will be homeless and have no money. They deposited $500 in my account, I guess to help me. It was at the same time as my stimulus, so I didn’t see it. All of a sudden, they took it back. I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t want this. So now, in their helping me, in one week they destroyed my life. My paycheck will come in, and I will have no money for 2 weeks. I will not be able to pay my power bill, or rent. I will be completely screwed. I called TCF to see if they could at least work with me. They just stated over and over we did it to help you so now that $500 put me negative, and every transaction that came thru received an NSF fee! I now have this $500, plus about $400 in fees! They were able to ruin my life without caring or losing a minute of sleep. I have called them and begged for help, they sort or laugh and tell me they cannot help me. Even though it was their help that got me here. Again, with me and my husband and daughter in and out of hospitals the last 2 months, we were so happy to be back to normal. But because of TCF’s help, we lost everything

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They should give me back that $500, and the NSF fees they took. If they want that $500 back, they should take it back slowly. That would cost them nothing, yet it costs me everything.

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