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Complaint from on 16 March 2022 about Sheraton in category Hotels / Motels

On 372022 I was injured going to the restroom in the hotel room.there is a door handle directly in front of the toilet that I hit my head on while squatting down. It left a severe gash above my eye... Read more


Complaint from on 27 December 2021 about Sheraton in category Hotels / Motels

We were a group of travelers whose plane was delayed. We were given a hotel room and a €34 for food in the restaurant. When we went for dinner, we were told that we could not eat in the restaurant... Read more

pet not allowed

Complaint from on 01 September 2021 about Sheraton in category Hotels / Motels

i book the trip a year ago two rooms one pet friendly and one regular the day before i was to leave they called me and said they no longer allow pets now family can,t go. they said they change... Read more

Happy Hour Service

Complaint from on 29 August 2021 about Sheraton in category Hotels / Motels

Hello SirMadam, My name is J.W. Park and my Bonvoy is 735632374 and I have been staying Sheraton Incheon hotel for many years because was very comfortable to use executive lounge and nice staffs such as Sena-Kim, Ja-Kyung Kim, Ji-Eun Choi,... Read more

I was violated

Complaint from on 13 July 2021 about Sheraton in category Hotels / Motels

I was in my room 1614 just got out the shower on july 11,2021 standing naked about to put some deodorant on when my door opens up and four guy's came in. I was shocked i thought i was about... Read more

Privacy Violation

Complaint from on 08 July 2021 about Sheraton in category Hotels / Motels

Good morning I was a temporary occupant on the following dates Nov 13-15 of 2020 as a 1 guest room at this listed location for the Iron Muscle Competition NPC, my complaint would have to be in concerns why my... Read more

Restrictive service

Complaint from on 02 May 2021 about Sheraton in category Hotels / Motels

My wife and I traveled to Puerto Vallarta to get therapy at Dream Body Clinic. We stayed at the Sheraton Buganville in Puerto Vallarta. It was one of the only so called pet friendly hotels we found as we have... Read more


Complaint from on 07 July 2019 about Sheraton in category Hotels / Motels

I would like to file a complaint from the hotel I stayed there July 2 and 3 2019 paid for my rooms and I was done two days later July 5,2019 there was an unauthorized charge to my card of... Read more