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Michigan UIA complaints:

Delay by 3 months

Complaint from on 13 January 2022 about Michigan UIA in category Government Services

I have been waiting for over 3 months for correspondence from MI unemployment in regards to my claim. I came to MI to help out when the dental offices opened back up in 2021. I reside in IL and have... Read more

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Unpaid Benefits

Complaint from on 04 January 2022 about Michigan UIA in category Government Services

During the pandemic shutdown, I received benefits from May 2020 through August 2020. My weekly benefit amount was miscalculated and I did not receive full compensation. I appealed and my case went before a judge. The Honorable Judge John... Read more

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Can't file a claim

Complaint from on 29 December 2021 about Michigan UIA in category Government Services

The website just kept taking me in a giant circle. I couldn't get past the updating profile on the main mi website. Who ever thought this was a good idea was seriously mistaken. Read more

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