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Returns for online orders

Complaint from on 29 December 2021 about Menards in category Interior shops

We recently had a house fire and was told to purchase several items. We placed a bulk order with Mendards for almost $13,000. 5 days later construction started, and we realized a lot of the items needed returned because they... Read more

Water Fountain

Complaint from on 20 September 2021 about Menards in category Interior shops

Purchased from Menards Enchanted Gargen water fountain last summer. We used it 4 months. We kept it clean, and brought it inside in October before winter. The hose to air filter was too short and... Read more

Broken Lawn Mower

Complaint from on 25 May 2021 about Menards in category Interior shops

brand new lawn mower did not work out of the box..menards policy is that i take the mower to one of their list of repair shops to be repaired which i did they have had it for a month and... Read more