Vinted complaint: Hacked

Complaint from Peakygirl77 reported on 23 May 2023 about Vinted

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My complaint:

all of my emails and accounts have been hacked, including Vinted.
i cannot access this account anymore to move forward to getting my items for sale removed and my pending balance transferred to my account.

i’m worried people will be buying things and not receiving them and also that who ever has hacked me will have access to my money and i won’t get it.

i also will need to shut down the account, but i can’t as i can’t access it

i hope this makes sense.

all they have is an online contact form and all i’m receiving are ‘automated’ responses which are no help. I can’t contact them, they do not have an email or phone number.

i don’t know what to do

Suggested solution:

they should transfer my pending payments to me and close my account.

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