Complaint: Wouldn’t accept my return with recipt

on 08 April 2022 about Sunglass Hut in category Fashion

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My complaint:

I bought a pair of Oakley sunglasses on 4722 from a Sunglass Hut in Gilroy, CA. I asked the sales associate if my daughter did not like them if I could return them to a Sunglass Hut in Fresno, CA. She said I could. The sales associate cleaned them and placed them on a shelve, I did not examine them or anything. I returned home to Fresno the same day and showed a picture of the glasses to my daughter before I even returned home and she stated she did not like them. So, as soon as I got home she hopped in the car and we went straight to Sunglasses Hut in Riverpark. The sales associate Elvy took them out of the bag and looked at them and immediately said: nope can’t return these, there is a scratch I’ll get fired for returning them. Mind you I had the receipt, never even took them out of the shelve. I tried calling the store I purchased them from and all I got was a busy tone. The associate Elvy would not budge and treated me like I stole them, called security, and mind you the scratch she was talking about was on both sides of where the nose piece was. I asked for a customer service phone number, she gave me her boss’s phone number, called her and she never responded. I was with my daughter I never even raised my voice. I had the receipt. I was not trying to steal $280.46 from Sunglasses Hut.

Suggested solution:

One, teach associates to have customer service. Two, don't operate a shady business. Three, I was store manager in retail for ten years for a corporation, I know you will not get fired for making a return with a receipt, even if the return was questionable. Four, I ran a store in Riverpark their security can't do anything so it is pointless and insulting. I had my daughter with me and never even raised my voice let alone threaten or even were you ever in danger.

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