Packlink complaint: Non existent coverage (of parcel’s value)

on 11 January 2023 about Packlink in category Parcel Couriers

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My complaint:

I sent a parcel (a laptop sold through ebay) with packlink. When offered, I chose to pay extra premium for coverage of the value of the parcel to have the peace of mind. Unfortunately, the item arrived damaged so I filed a complaint and a request for compensation based on the coverage I believed I had. From then on a long processes of to’ing and fro’ing started with multiple email requesting my response to questions that had been asked before. I was also asked for images I did not have (and repeatedly asked again even after I said I did not have them). Nowhere did they mention I would be expected to provide these images in order to get compensation. My claim was eventually rejected and it felt like an arbitrary decision. I am not an experienced seller on ebay and this is the first time I encountered a problem with a courier. I am very disappointed. I would even be ok if they offered partial compensation as a gesture of goodwill but all I got eventually was the refund of the shipping cost. It is a very disappointing level of customer service. I naively believed I would be covered if a problem occoured in transit but I found out I was too naive.

Suggested solution:

Offer full or even partial compensation. As I said.
They should also acknowledge that I provided everything I could to assist them with my claim rather than claim I did not provide sufficient information.

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