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on 08 February 2021 about in category Travel

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My complaint:

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in order to make a complaint regarding my flightsvoucher, as I was informed that I could not receive the reimbursement from them.
As you can see in some emails that I sent to you, I am very unsatisfied with My Trip.

Last year, on january 2020, I booked flights to Colombia through MyTrip (company: AirEuropa) to fly in the end of May 2020. Due to coronavirus, it was impossible to fly and, as the reimbursement was also impossible (I do not know why since a lot of companies are giving reimbursement as a right of the customer), MyTriP gave me a voucher please see some details attached.

However, this voucher says that it is only possibe to book my new flights and inclusive to travel until june 2021 which I think it is absolutely unfair and impossible since, as you should know, our country (Portugal) as many others are in lockdown again and planning a new trip is something that takes times. Furthermore, I guess it is completely unsafe to travel even in june 2021 as the majority of people will not be vaccinated yet. So, how is it possible that your solution is for the customer to travel until June 2021?!?

Regarding all the factors mentioned above, I really want to make a complaint as I never expected such an unfair attitude from MyTrip. If you cannot extend the date of my voucher, you should at least give me the reimbursement since it is also not my fault that I can not fly.

Please, if you have any questions, let me know or if I have to do the complaint anywhere else, let me know too.

I hope you review my situation, think carefully and give me another solution as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Carolina Valente

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Suggested solution:

One possible way to resolve the complaint is to give me the reimbursement so that I can afterwards book the flight for a date that is acceptable and suitable for me.

Complaint regarding voucher and reimbursement
Complaint regarding voucher and reimbursement
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