Complaint: Drivers speed like a bat out of hell

on 20 March 2020 about FedEx in category Parcel Couriers

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My complaint:

Iam writing in concern for my neighborhood ! YOUR DRIVERS SPEEDS Excessively every single time they are in my neighborhood. There are small children, pets and elderly that are always walking. Your drivers speed through here like a bat out of hell and I have screamed at the top of my lungs for them to slow down but they dont. They will eventually kill someone if they dont stop now. I live at 608 North Olive St. Malakoff Texas 75158 and your drivers suck !!!!!!!! I will be reporting yo the local police and have them write tickets if you dont stop your moron drivers.

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Either make them drive respectfully in my neighborhood and slow down before they kill someone or find new driver. This one sucks. Make them stop or I will be letting the police know to come by and sit for them to receive their tickets on a daily basis.

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Greg (@greenleafnation)
7 months ago

I just filed a complaint also about their drivers flying down the street.. this is not the first time either. I got the truck number and called. Obviously I’m not the only one so it seems as if they do nothing to correct this issue. How do I get my point across to someone there who actually cares about the fact that so many people are getting frustrated about this. Are they waiting for someone to get killed by there drivers before actually looking into this. The next time I notice a driver doing 70-75 mph on a residential street… Read more »

Greg (@greenleafnation)
7 months ago
Reply to  Greg

I’d like to also note that the truck number was 409754 and this happened in long island ny.. also there was two trucks but I only could get one of the numbers..they were racing down the street as if it was Friday night and they were driving a really is sad that a company like fedex does nothing about this.. maybe when someone gets hit by there drivers and is seriously hurt or killed (god forbid) and sued for a huge amount of money they maybe will realize that they have a serious issue that could have been resolved… Read more »