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7BitCasino complaints:

Descarded my winning

Complaint from on 10 October 2021 about 7BitCasino in category Gambling

I have won 210mbtc October 31 2019 I been looking for help on this no one seems to listen they said I went over on max betting when bonus attache that is not thru cause their own machine doesn't even... Read more

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Thief's that Ghost you alot

Complaint from on 30 June 2021 about 7BitCasino in category Gambling

So it started out great quick pay outs and great bonuses although the wager were a little bit high still good but then as time progressed it got less and less you can deposit $100 of $$$$ and there support... Read more

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Withdrawl issue

Complaint from on 30 May 2021 about 7BitCasino in category Gambling

I currently have winnings of 1443.00 nzd on my 7bit casino account. 11 days ago i tried to withdraw my winnings. My account verification documents had all been previously approvedwhen i opened the account. I have only ever used paysafe vouchers... Read more

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Free spin bonus as excuse to rob me

Complaint from on 28 March 2021 about 7BitCasino in category Gambling

I had gotten a nice email to get 200 free spins (no Wager component) with a deposit of at least .003 mBc something like that. It was only spins. And on one of the absolutely worst games I have seen... Read more

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Withdrawal denied and funds removed

Complaint from on 14 January 2021 about 7BitCasino in category Gambling

I deposited 2.6 mBTC and received 100 free spins as a bonus associated with this deposit. I won roughly 4 mBTC from the free spins and continued playing with my original deposit in order to satisfy the ridiculously high 195.3... Read more

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Delayed payment

Complaint from on 29 December 2020 about 7BitCasino in category Gambling

I previously won $450 in 7bit casino I got an an approval email saying my funds will be put on my credit card within 1 to 72 hours over 2 weeks later nothing I have sent them at least 2... Read more

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Instant cashout taking several hours

Complaint from on 24 December 2020 about 7BitCasino in category Gambling

I've been waiting for hours for my withdrawal to be processed. They just keep saying I'm in a line but can't tell me how long this line is or when it might end. Meanwhile, deposits go right through no problem. Read more

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Jackpot cash out was not recieved

Complaint from on 27 September 2020 about 7BitCasino in category Gambling

I have cashed out the amount of $2000 the jackpot prize and it's still not received it's been 5 business days and still nothing. I have contacted my bank like I was requested by 7bit casino and my bank (nab)... Read more

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