Wise complaint: Wise deactivated my account

Complaint from Umair Abid reported on 30 May 2023 about Wise

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My complaint:

They deactivated my account on 8th May 2023 without telling any reason. Then they asked me to provide me a bank account where they can refund my amount that was present in wise.

I provided them each and every document they demanded. And now it’s been 22 days they are not responding to me.

Suggested solution:

They never resolved it. It\'s been 22 days 😭😭😭

Wise complaint Wise deactivated my account
Wise complaint Wise deactivated my account
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Babar (@guest_7150)
8 months ago

Hello dear, I’m facing the same issue I wanted to get an update from you did they refund you your balance amount on to your bank iban you provided yet ? What’s the update on it