Wise complaint: Wise blocked my transfer from my client

Complaint from VenturaA reported on 19 May 2023 about Wise

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My complaint:

Wise blocked my transfer from my client on may 01 2023, they requested additional information and I sent it to them on May 02,2023. I have not heard from them anymore, their customer service is useless. they are holding $434 , not sending it back to the client or crediting my account.

004006808043 for $400 on May1st;

001119878337 for $34 on May 2d.

P12077005 my client number

Letter from
May 2, 2023, 02:03 UTC

Hello Gabriella,

We’re writing to let you know that there’s an incoming transfer that needs your attention.

We’ve suspended the transfer for a sanctions review as it may potentially violate international sanctions laws.

Please let us know if you’re expecting a transfer from [AGATON LIMITED] via [AGT CY] for [400 USD]?

If yes, please let us the following information for [AGATON LIMITED] and [AGT CY] :

1. A detailed reason for this transfer.
2. Provide us with related documentation (e.g. an invoice).
3. Full registered name and address of the sender [AGATON LIMITED] and [AGT CY].
4. Is the sender [AGATON LIMITED] directly or indirectly related to Агатон Лімітед (Ahaton Limited/Agaton Limited) in Cyprus.
5. Is [AGT CY] directly or indirectly related to Ассоциация Городских Телерадиовещателей (Assotsiatsiya gorodskikh teleradioveshchateley, aka AGT)
6. A valid website, if they have one.

If we don’t get this information, we may have to reject or block this transfer.

Bear in mind it can take up to 5-10 working days to check your reply.


Suggested solution:

credit my account

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