WestJet complaint: Left behind twice on one flight

Complaint from Sandra Raper reported on 08 June 2024 about WestJet

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My complaint:

I was suppose to fly home to Nanimo from grand praise last June 15 .
The morning of departure I showed early morning before check in Time, to be told there was no plane today to come back next day in morning .
No excamation or compasation . Thank God my son was still there .
Next morning woke up ,,drove many mies again got to airport and departed to Calgary for what was suppose to be 1hr45mins lay over .
Upon arriving at gate printed on new boarding pass sat and myself and two other women heard last call for flight from Cagary to Nanimo .
We just had asked flight attendant at gate if we were in right gate . She looked and said it’s the same gate that’s on ticket.
The three of us grabbed are luggage and started running to different gate .
Well it a mile long airport with gates everywhere, so needless to say , we didn’t make it cause it was at other end of airport , they never called are names or anything or even tried to find us.
We finally found customer service , when we got there there was a huge line up . Got to ticket agent and was put on later flight to Nanaimo.
In the caos of running around airport I lost my bag . Had receipts from nite before , being left in grand prairie present my granddaughter gave to me my phone and my house keys .
By the time my other son had found me in Nanaimo he was furious he had driven Nanaimo to Victoria back and forth all day he had phoned airline and the said the could not find me . Wow
Iam 55yr old widow , I have Copd , by the time I saw my son I was exhausted hadn’t eaten all day or drunken anything except a tea that morning on flight and some cookies .
When we pulled into my drive way ,I was happy to be home ,then realized I didn’t have .y bag no keys to get in . I started crying .
My son drove all the way back to Victoria got his spare and back to duncan to let me in . I think I. Slept 12 hrs and ate then phoned about bag to be told no compensation for you.
Iwas 34 hrs late getting home and one bag short .
If this how they treat people they should be ashamed.

Suggested solution:

Compensation would be a start a apology would help free time ket to try again. It was one of the worse days of my life bad to worse .

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