Vinted complaint: Blocked seller

Complaint from Admcole reported on 06 June 2023 about Vinted

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My complaint:

Soon after my purchase was made the seller was blocked, and the item removed.

In light of this, I raised my concern for the legitimacy of the seller and my doubts about the item being delivered. I was advised to wait a number of days to allow the time for the item to be delivered. Low and behold, the item was never received, and somehow Vinted have completed the transaction, miraculously paying the blocked user.

Customer service say they cannot help because I did not complain within the first 48 hours of the item being received. Given it was not received, nor did I receive ation that it had, this would’ve been impossible. Also…I had raised these concerns far before this!

Suggested solution:

Full refund. This transaction should never have been completed

Vinted complaint Blocked seller
Vinted complaint Blocked seller
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