Vinted complaint: Blocked account

Complaint from Kristina3675401 reported on 12 December 2023 about Vinted

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My complaint:

Regrettably,my account has been subject to erroneous accusations in the past,notably regarding duplicate Gymshark leggingsand Nike shirtinitially labeled as counterfeit and duplicate.Despite subsequent apologiesand corrections.I find myself facing yet another issuewith the listing of Bluebbery cap.The images was clear when Isubmit but despite that they kept asking for more images and blocked my account for one month.

Importantly,my selling history has been without incident,with no negative reviews or reports of counterfeit items.The current blockage not only impedes my ability to sell items but also has severeimplications for meeting essential financial obligations and deteriorate my health as well.

Despite multiple attempts to communicate,my messages have been overlooked,exacerbating the stress and resulting in niticeable health issues.

Suggested solution:

Unblock my account with immediate affect

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