Vinted complaint: Blocked account

Complaint from Hannawoodland reported on 03 June 2023 about Vinted

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My complaint:

I have sent Vinted many emails including to make a formal complaint as well as emailing the the same information.

Vinted have told me there is suspicious activity on my account, primarily that I have abused a refund policy. I cannot see how this is possible as I have had only two refunds due to list items. Other refunds have been due to seller not sending / completing orders I have made.
I am really upset that my account has been blocked for the second time – the first was identified as your mistake after one week of me sending 47 photos of a legitimate item that your automatic detection said was fake. I proved this was wrong and my account was given back to me.
The recent block was because I sent a report that an item had been returned to me damaged. I did not ask for a refund as I had done my own research and ‘in-post’ say that they are allowed to open any parcel sent through them. I only wanted to let Vinted know as per your ‘Terms and Conditions’ that my item was damaged in transit.
Vinted’s response was to call me a liar and to block my account.
As you can see from my account I have nearly 200 five star reviews.
I use the platform responsibly and honestly and I am hurt that I am being treated this way.
I have also requested all information that Vinted hold on me as part of my right under the data protection act / GDPR. As Vinted are proposing that I have abused a refund policy and have used information to come to this decision.

They are not responding or providing information held about me or my account.

Suggested solution:

I should be provided my account information.
I should be given an explanation of what ‘suspicious’ activity has happened on my account.
I should have access to my account due to wrongful blocking (AGAIN)

Vinted complaint Blocked account
Vinted complaint Blocked account
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5 months ago

I have just been blocked permanently from Vinted. I listed an old bag not knowing if it was real designer or not. I only listed it for a small amount. Wasn’t trying to do something dodgy. They took it of and banned me. I spoke to them by email and they were adamant even after I explained I am 63 and just trying to sort out my wardrobe. I apologised.
I told them they made me feel like a criminal and that their banning was ridiculous. Awful company. ebay are much nicer to deal with. It’s worth the commission.