Complaint: Retaliation By UPS Driver.

on 27 June 2020 about UPS in category Parcel Couriers

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My complaint:

I’ve been wanting the Corporate Office of UPS. To investigate my complaint and terminate the Manager, at the Richmond, Ca UPS hub. Also the UPS driver on my route..
I moved to Richmond, Ca 3 years ago from San Pablo, Ca.
The UPS driver on my route has falsified delivery attempts and me requesting to pick up my packages.
I would call customer service and complain about non-delivery of my packages.,And their driver logging false tracking logistics
I had asked shippers not to send my packages using UPS. But sometimes they miss my message and ship using UPS.

Last year I waited at home for a package being delivered. I receive text s and notifications about the status of my packages.
I watched a White UPS driver through my security cam walk pass my door. He placed a box at my neighbors door tapped 2 times and walked away.
Five mins later a guy walked up and picked up the box. I went and knocked on my neighbors door to her that someone stole her package.
She said, that she don’t order online. And maybe the package belong to the guy that took it.
As soon as I walked back into my home. I receive a text message from UPS that my package was delivered.
I immediately called customer service asking them to send the driver back to show me where he left my package?
I told them I had it on tape showing where he left my package. Customer service put me on hold while contacting the Richmond, Ca hub.
I was told the driver would return in 20 mins and that a Manager or Supervisor would call me back in 30 mins. The driver never returned nor did I receive a call from the manager.
I called customer service back several times. I also sent several emails asking to assist me in contacting the corporate office. I was given the runaround saying they couldn’t give out that info. I asked them to forward my complaint to corporate.
I lost $124.00 becuz the company said, my package was delivered. I tried explaining i didn’t receive it.
Fast Forward,
I had 2 packages shipped by UPS in May. The White driver refused to deliver my packages. I waited at home all day. When i checked the status of my package,the driver lied again. He noted that i requested to pick up my package from UPS Access Point.
My other package was received and scanned at Richmond UPS hub. It was then sent back to where it was shipped from and traveled back to Richmond, Ca UPS hub.
I feel UPS employees knows my name by now. And that I have been blacklisted for complaining about drivers falsifying delivery attempts.
Two weeks ago I had 2 packages arriving between 9am-2pm.
I call customer service at around 5:30 pm asking where my packages were?
I was told my packages were out for delivery and would arrive by 8 pm.
I told customer service that I was willing to bet, I wouldn’t receive my packages. I told customer service if the driver logs I requested to pickup my packages that he would once again be falsifying information.
Customer service said I would receive a call back from my local UPS. I didn’t hold my breath becuz I knew that was a lie.
At 6 pm I checked my package logistics online. Once again the driver falsified information noting I requested to pick up my package.
I called customer service back. I told them this is an ongoing problem with this White driver.not delivering my packages becuz i live in the hood..
Customer service said they were making notes of my complaints and sending them to the Richmond Ca UPS hub.
I was told someone would call be shortly.. I never received a callback aa usual
I have proof of every complaint i made with UPS.
I want this driver fired. I want the manager, fired too.
UPS have allowed this to go on too long. They don’t reprimand their employees for such behavior.
Please don’t ship using UPS. Someone has to step up and hold this company responsible for their employees.
Richmond Ca. UPS Has a white driver that refuses to deliver a black lady her packages.
He delivers packages to white neighborhoods and businesses. But refuse to deliver in the black neighborhood.
When will this stop? It’s been an ongoing issue for 3 years.
UPS wants to blame my non deliveries on the pandemic.
It’s just an excuse to try and cover for their driver.
I opened a Twitter account last week hoping UPS corporate would read my post.
I’m looking for an Attorney to file a lawsuit against UPS.

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Suggested solution:

Fire driver and Manager at the Richmond, Ca UPS.
And Compensation for money i lost.

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