Complaint: Excessive speed

on 26 March 2022 about UPS in category Parcel Couriers

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My complaint:

Only on week end deliveries( not my regular driver) the UPS truck speeds through my neighborhood. I live on a single lane ,private , windy, dirt road in a wooded area. The posted speed limit is 15 mph. Repeatedly I have witnessed the driver racing through my neighborhood with no regard or concern for the Safety of the residents, many of which are children. Today, I spoke with the driver, explained the situation and Kindly asked if he would slow down. He stated he was not my regular driver that I had the wrong guy. I told him no, my regular driver is respectful of the neighborhood and speeding only occur on the weekend. The driver again stated I had the wrong guy, got into his truck and spend off in a roaring clouds of dust. I attempted to get his name before he left but he refused. The driver clearly had an additude and was irritated with me when I asked him to slow down. His response and how he treated my request, I expected to get the bird as he sped off.

Suggested solution:

This guy needs his wings clipped.
I drove professionally for over 30 years serving the public. Those big trucks don't stop on a dime and I'm sorry, if a customer asks nicely anything, shouldnt they be treated with respect. After all, I pay that guys wages.
Maybe a couple of days off with no pay to think about what he did and upon his return perhaps a remidial course in driving and customer service.

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