complaint: Took my money without having the item

on 06 January 2023 about in category Travel

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My complaint:

Hi, I rented a car on the app. (That is still showing as available now) I payed nearly £700 english which has left my bank for then after the money was taken, I then received an email saying the car is not actually available I will get a refund within 15 working days. I rang customer service for car rentals and spoke to a lady called Aviva to explain I can not wait this long as I am now without money or a car in a foreign country also that the car is still showing as available on so is false advertising. I am in New Zealand travelling from England and now left with no money. So under huge stress as I’m left with nothing down to an issue with the app. She said nothing she could do and no point speaking with manager nothing they could do. Many times I asked to speak to a manger or open a complaint to have a call back on the phone and via email. I was on the phone to an agent for 45 minutes all the customer service rep told me I could do would be email proof and I might here back no promises. The worst customer service I have ever received. From being told I cancelled the car which I didn’t as I have proof in email cancelled it, for the car still to be on there site and then to be told to just wait up to 3 weeks to receive my money I was in shock which is why I even had to record the phone call myself. After multiple times of asking to make a complaint I still get ignored.

Suggested solution:

Find a way to refund faster or compensate me for the stress and mistakes they have made both via there app and bad customer service

Took my money without having the item
Took my money without having the item
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