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My complaint:

Write a letter of demand for payment of your losses caused by Verizon Corporation due to their refusal to supply customer, you, with the proper equipment and continuation of Tracfone service.

A Claim: Demand for payment of damages based on costs of obtaining another phone service, obtaining a working phone in your area, time consumed, as well as the stress and duress, travel time loss of work, lost work all due to the refusal of Verizon to supply working equipment to those in Rural America that were and are only able to access ATT towers. I have seen many complaints about the same issue I have with VerizonTracfone and there are too many sites that take you timme to fill out Complaint but nothing is setup to help you send a Claim demanding restitution for your losses and all of the aove. Stop wasting time as there are many different website out there and it wonn’t get you repayment for your substantial losses suffered due to what In My Opinion, is total incompetence of Verizon in their inability to supply Rural America with the sane service that Tracfone was perfectly able to suply to its customer base. Verizon clearly had assess to all records of people using Tracfone on ATT towers, yet they are unable or unwilling to provide service to that customer base. and stress and duress as well as any losses.

Make a list of lost time, hours of labor, hours on the phone with their incompetent employees, untrained supervisors and all the time you spent on the web and running around town seeking a Verizon Tracfone that is GSM!!! I don’t even know if a phone like that exists as I have been utterly unable to find one and I was sent a CDMA phone!!!
I have recorded phone conversations with about half of these foolish so-called ‘customer Service Reps! They lie to you, they don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and they claim that you can do XYZ (use a GSM sim in a CDMA phone, use Verizon towers in your area that do not exist, use the CDMA phone they sent to you in your GSM area if you go buy another sim pack….on and on and on) but you can’t!

Include in your demand for payment (Claim), dollar value of lost work and include your charges (hourly) for all your work and labor and add in the stress and duress (stress being the 1 killer to good health so this is a massive cost to you and in particular if you are older, and if over 62, can be considered, depending upon how you were treated by some of their entirely untrained and uncaring employees, elder abuse, which I myself, informed a few of them on the phone when attempting to remedy my situation) that you went through while talking to their incompetent and uninformed and ill trained employees on the phone, who refuse to assist or help, nor can they, nor their supervisors assist or help.

Include all travel costs and time you spent seeking out a new device that would work in your GSM area (ie..gas to stores to look for a Tracfone that services GSM, time and costs of travel, loss of work time…etc). Thee cost to obtain a useable device (phone) to maintain service, or to get new service, the time lost in work as well as all the stress and duress caused by having to obtain a new number (Tracfone or other). The exhaustive stress and duress caused due to the inability to access accounts that used the old number you had with Tracfone and all the changes to all your online accounts that used that number as verification and on and on and on.

I am still working on my Claim as I kept logged notes and recorded conversations with these employees. I am not sending an entire list of all my logged hours and time on the phone and traveling time and costs, but all that shouuld be in order before you send a claim so that you can immediately take whatever lawful and or legal action required to re (Not Necessarily legal but lawful…we all need to learn the difference…and the sad thing is, most lawyers and attorneys don’t know the difference either)!!

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One thing and one thing only, Pay My Claim Against Them When tTey Receive It!

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