The Salvation Army USA complaint: Mistreatment to residents

Complaint from Concerned person reported on 25 May 2023 about The Salvation Army USA

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My complaint:

Security not dealing with troublesome ppl coming off the street. Law called multiple times on them but trespass isn’t enforced. One is a guy named ladarren who is a constant problem. He steals from residents and has hit 2. Law called but nothing done coz mgmt doesn’t follow up with complaint. Vans r for resident use but only staff r getting use and excuses made when resident needs transport. I have taken them to work, store Dr appt n my personal vehicle. Problems arise but not communicated back to captain nor r they put n their book. Undercover needs to b placed to get full affect of my complaint. This is no joke or retaliation. These r facts.

Suggested solution:

B better at communication, utilize transportation like they r supposed to, train security. Basic medical training coz 75yr old was sick. No help for her so I spent my money to get her chicken noodle soup, crackers and sprite so she could take her antibiotic. I'm Timothy Dearmon and my is should u need to verify me or have questions. I'm a nobody but I'm a nobody that truly cares about these residents.

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