Complaint: Swoop airline employee shutdown the gate early, 5 passengers missed our flight

on 06 October 2020 about Swoop Airlines in category Airlines

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My complaint:

October 2nd2020 I showed up exactly 1 hour before my flight to check my bag as I already prepaid for plus carry on early 72 hours earlier. Also checked in early online.
There was a huge line up, so thinking I’m good I stood in line waiting and watching the swoop employee check bags of the 16 people in front of me, as I’m thinking everything is good im an hour early drop my bag off then head to boarding. I wait and I wait thinking there should be two employee’s checking in passengers but no worries im an hour early im in line I will wait my turn. I was watching the employee check everyone in . She the swoop employee was soo busy i felt bad for her.
Finally the girl passenger walks up the the swoop employee to check in and her bag and the swoop employee informed her that she already closed the gate for anyone headed to Edmonton and she the employee said she called out 45 min before the flight.
Now if that were true the 5 passengers including I would have heard the swoop employee call out for us to come forward.
Not a one of us heard the swoop employee call out or the five of us that were waiting inline or we would be on the plane that is still on the tar mat waiting for us that were an hour early for our flight. I was told by the overworked employee that there was no more room under the plane for my bag to witch I prepaid for online when I booked the flight 72 hours early and that I could run to catch my flight but abandon my luggage or book a new flight on Sunday at my expense.
Swoop airlines you leave 5 passengers stranded and you make us believe we are in the wrong here. Five passengers didn’t hear the swoop employee call out. Not likely. Im standing up for all five of us. We want our money back. Now if your wondering about the 16 passengers a head in line. It was a different flight. Us five would have made our flight if the swoop employee spoke up.

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I would like my money back. And two line ups two employee's like westjet has. So there is no confusion.
That is not right to strand five passengers that were an hour early.

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