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on 13 November 2020 about Swoop Airlines in category Airlines

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My complaint:

At approximately 2:45 pm a flight attendant with employee number 800365 came from behind me and on to the side of my seat. She did not say hello or anything friendly she abruptly told me to put my mask over my nose and then leaned in closer in a threatening manner . I was surprised as it was already covering my nose and also by the way she was approaching this situation. I told her it was over my nose. She then rose her voice and said it wasn’t. I once again assured her it was. She was now very upset. I noticed another flight attendant that was sitting down earlier, and asked her why it was ok for that person not to wear a mask at all. She then said I was yelling at her and did not provide an answer to this question. She then went to the back and brought me some sort of yellow card and told me that they have a zero tolerance policy and a $5000 fine for non-compliance, however I had been complying. A couple of minutes went Byrne she was still standing in the area. I then said excuse me. And in a quite disturbing tone she said “WHAT!” I then asked for her name and ID number which she then gave to me, I then wrote it down. Approximately 30 seconds went by, and she then asked for my boarding pass. I asked why. She then told me that because she gave me this card she has to do a write up on it. I gave it to her. I then decided to read this yellow card and it states that a write up is only necessary when someone is not complying., and once again I was complying. Now, we paid a lot of extra money to be seated in the front of the plane only to be harassed by this flight attendant. I am quite distraught over this bullying and harassment inflicted by this person,

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Suggested solution:

I would encourage better training, and awareness as to the rights of the customers, and for them to be reminded that it is a customer service industry they are in not a construction industry whereas the foreman yells at everyone.

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