Swiss Chalet complaint: Birthday dinner

on 22 May 2023 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

May 10, 2023 was my 65th birthday. Friends took me to Swiss Chalet. They secretly brought a cake and candles gave to hostess to be brought to table after dinner. We had table No. 61. The table beside us, was table No. 51. They also had a birthday to celebrate. A cake was brought by waitress and given to their table instead of mine. They ate my birthday cake right in front of me with no remorse or reaction because of the negligence of the hostess and waitress. My friends were furious and I was appalled and near tears. It took me this long to complain because I have had to calm myself. I go to Swiss Chalet very often and would very much appreciate if you could possibly send me some kind of coupon for 2 free Quarter Chicken dinners with dessert to make up for the hostess and waitress ruining my birthday surprise dinner. It would be very much appreciated. My name is Karen and my address is 308 Malaga Road/Apt. 302/Oshawa, Ontario L1J 1N7. Thank you ever so much from a very loyal customer.

Suggested solution:

Some kind of coupons for 2 free Quarter Chicken Dinners with dessert. Thank you ever so much from a very loyal customer.

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