Complaint: New subway melt

on 14 April 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Went to get a footlong sandwich and saw they now have melts for $1 more. I ordered a footlong steak and cheese melt, adding my veggies. The guy behind the counter cut the sandwich in half, placed each half in separate brown sacks and microwaved each one for 30 seconds. Then the bags were closed, put into a plastic Subway sack and handed to me. I paid my $10.32 and came home. When I opened one of the paper sacks, I found a sandwich that the top had slid off of, the steak and veggies were all off of the sandwich, and the cheese was stuck to the bag. The other half of the sandwich looked just as bad in it’s paper bag. What a mess and a ripoff!

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Maybe Subway should consider wrapping the sandwich before nuking it to melt the cheese, or at the very least, use a footlong hotdog basket to put the sandwich in. Also, the bread was scorched, and extremely tough. Needless to say, I had to emty the sandwich out on a plate and use a knife and fork to eat it. VERY dissatisfied with thus new melt. Should have taken the whole mess back, but I live quite a few miles out in the country from this Subway, and really did not want to burn more gas, especially with gas prices what they are at present, and I am a senior living on my limited income. An occassional sandwich from Subway is a treat for me.

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Carl Campau
Carl Campau (@guest_3653)
4 months ago

I thought it was gross 2 got Tuna melt Tuna was all over the bag