Complaint: Inappropriate and rude manager

on 14 April 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My boyfriend and I went to this subway today where we have gone over the years. When we said what subs we wanted, manager asked if we will be using a coupon (we have been going more frequently since Subway put out coupons that expire 41421). We said yes, and he inappropriately and rudely asked how many coupons we have and where did we get them. He said the coupons come in the newspaper, one to a paper. I said my friends gave me theirs because they don’t like Subway and know that I do. He said we weren’t allowed to bring in any more coupons, but he would let it go this time. Another employee was there, and a customer was behind us, hearing everything. My boyfriend said to forget the sandwiches, that we would go to another Subway or even Jersey Mike’s. There are plenty of other shops to go to. The manager started talking and saying over and over that he told us he’d let it go this time. Well, we weren’t having any of it. How dare he treated us like this and then think we would stay and give him a sale after he practically threw us out? We were going out the door, and he still thought we’d be desperate and stay after he treated us like crap?? He must have lousy sales, but some people are jobless and appreciate any coupons and sales. Or maybe he’s doing so well he can be nasty and throw a sale out. He needs lessons on how to treat customers. At the beginning of this latest coupon, he got rude and told me to give the coupon before he’s done making the sandwiches. I said I thought it’d be okay to give it just before he rings up the sale. Then he said it didn’t really matter – so why did he make an issue of it? We don’t plan to visit that Subway anymore. Since when is it an issue to bring a coupon that Subway sent out? I didn’t print the coupons. He is not always there when we come and has no idea how many times we have gone to his place through the years. We are furious at this manager and his tacky customer service. I wouldn’t recommend that place to anyone.

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We want you to address our complaint to this hard-headed manager. We also would appreciate vouchers for free meals. This manager is a bad representative of your Subway name and how he mishandled your good nature of offering great sub coupons. Everyone is suffering, and he should be grateful anyone comes into his place with Covid in our lives.
Thank you,

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