Complaint: lost phone number

on 30 July 2022 about Straight Talk in category Telecom

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My complaint:

I have been a straight customer for years and in May of 2022, I received an text from straight talk stating that I needed to change out my sim card or my service would be interrupted. I called straight directly to make sure it was not a scam. They inform me that it was not a scam and it was necessary. They sent my sim card. I followed the direction and it said the sim card was not compatible. I could not used my phone because my number was now attached to that sim card. I called straight talk from my son’s phone they sent another card (i had to pay for) it was the wrong one. so the represented asked me to purchase a verizon card from walmart it was the wrong one. they gave me a temp number with that sim. I ordered another sim card in order to get my number back. The agent told me I had to purchase another service card in order to get my number back it was the only I could do (mind you I already had minutes) so I purchased the $45 card. she activated that and told me to wait a few minutes and I would be good. after turning my phone back on I realized she had re-activated my phone and gave me another number instead of my original number. over a month later I still have not been able to get my original number back which straight say is attached to my phone

Suggested solution:

give me my original number back

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