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on 12 January 2021 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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On January 11, 2021, I went into Stop Shop to purchase some items. I saw Hebrew frank that was market $3.79. But when I got to the counter to pay for them the price said, $ 11.00. I went to show the Stop and Shop representative the price and she removed the price and showed it to the Dave the manger. He would not honor the price, I then told him when a customer enters your store and they see an item with price and it’s stocked with a lot you must honor it, because the price is misleading he refused to honor it. My food came up to $179.00 I asked the cashier to cancel the entire order. Dave did not want to honor the price which make his establishment look bad and he also cost the store to lose out more on the sell then the item. Very , Very bad management. This Stop Shop always have items with the wrong pricing. I went there on Thursday to buy Turkey shop meat that priced at $3.79; when I got to the counter it ring up $9.99. I took a picture of the price and showed the manager. This Stop Shop is supposed to be honorable and treat their customers with care and the Manager Dave does not. The people of this community me being one is supporting this establishment, but this manager Dave do not appreciate the people. As a retail manager myself to show our customer respect and appreciation, if there’s and item in our establishment that showed a different price from the original price we honor the price and make sure our prices are not misleading. This stop Shop manager gets 5 thumbs down. A good sales manager would have honored the sale, instead of losing money.

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Honor, Respect, and show appreciate to the people that's making your business thrive. Honor prices that are misleading. Make Managers like Dave run an honorable business.

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