Complaint: Unprofessionalism and customer service

on 05 January 2021 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I recieved a gift card and called visa to activate because the gift card was not working upon opening minutes before. Visa advised me to go the the shoppers where the card was purchased to have it activated. I went with the receipt and package to 610 Taylor Street shoppers drug mart, as stated on the receipt. The till worker named Dusti, was approched for help at the till to help with a gift card activation. She refused to activate the gift card that was gifted to us (she said the numbers didn’t match) and I asked what I should do. I then showed her all the items that were in the gift card and they did Infact match. I asked her, do these match those numbers? She said yes and then said I can’t help you at my level. I asked her what I should do. She raised her voice and told me to call shoppers toll free number to activate the card. She then began to tell me that shoppers drug mart would send me a new activated gift card in the mail and I asked her if she could call for me. She got agitated and asked me if I had a cell phone because she said I don’t have all day to deal with this. At that time I was shocked at her approach to address this situation. Her supervisor witnessed the whole ordeal because the supervisor was the first person to come to the till. I then showed her that the gift card was a gift from school and that we don’t know what we should do. I feel as though she (Dusti) was out of line, unhelpful and very rude. Again, the supervisor witness the ordeal and said nothing. I looked at both of the ladies and asked what I should do and again, they said to call shoppers toll free number because they can not help me. I am at loss with the behaviour of the till worker Dusti and our gift card is still not active.

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Personally, I believe that help should be offered and assistance to my need as a costumer. I feel that the gift card should have been activated and there should not be a problem. However, I look forward to hearing from someone. I still have the receipt and package waiting for help.

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