Complaint: Refund over bereavement

on 14 February 2022 about RyanAir in category Airlines

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My complaint:

I recently raised a complaint with Ryanair costumer service in regard to my request for a refund due to bereavement reasons.
I contacted Ryanair numerous times over the last months but I am not satisfied with the outcome.
This is regarding my flight, that has been impacted by bereavement. I originally booked a flight to go and see my mum who then recently passed away. I am now left with a flight no longer needed.
I contacted Ryanair in numerous occasions over the last months to cancel the flight and sent the death certificate as advised. But the airline company has refused my request for a refund as the death had occurred more than 28 days prior to the date of the flight. After their first response I wrote to Ryanair again to ask if they could offer me an alternative option, in the form of a a travel voucher or even the possibility to wave the fees that normally apply if I want to change the flight, which is £45 , in view of these exceptional circumstances, but again Ryanair had been inflexible. They would have had 3 months to refill those seats but they chose not . This doesn’t seem very compassionate and I must add is the worse outcome compared with similar issue I raised with other air company.
I thank you in advance for your interest.

Suggested solution:

A travel voucher following the flight cancellation or waving change fees.

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