Complaint: allocation of seats if you do not pay for allocation

on 04 May 2022 about RyanAir in category Airlines

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My complaint:

this ridiculous way of randomizing seat allocation even if tickets are booked and booked in at the same time is disgusting and really bad business – on our flight we had almost 40 people who booked in together who were separated because we refused to pay the extra amount to ‘secure your seat’ – we were one of the first people to check in online 24 hours before our flight and yet my husband and I were separated by 11 rows. the people in my row had all been separated between 1 and 20 rows – all because we refused to pay the extra amount Ryan Air demands on check in to secure seats – I have taken screenshots of all the seats that were empty when I checked in and the seats all around us both were free and had not been allocated so why did you feel the need to separate us? we queried this at the airport – the check in desk said they cant help or couldn’t help and the customer service representative at the airport was incredibly rude when we asked why we had been separated and would not even give us a reply and said if we don’t pay we don’t get to ask for seats! We had paid full price for our air tickets and not discounted and I can most definitely say that if I get a choice of airline to travel again it will most definitely not be Ryan Air ever again!

Suggested solution:

if people check in together and do so when asked 24 hours before flight DO NOT make them sit separately if they do not and can not pay the extra fee! I think this is shocking - there were even some families split because of this

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