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on 15 February 2021 about Parkdean Resorts in category Travel

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My complaint:

I am becoming very frustrated with the Booking I made – which I now 100% regret.

I made a booking via The Sun Holiday £9.50 deal.
When I went to process the booking, I noticed there was no option to add a dog to the booking at the time. So I called your park directly and asked for the process of adding a dog. I explained there was no option to add the dog at the time of booking, I was advised by your agent that the dog would be added as extra after the booking was made. She gave me the number to call The Sun direct, but there phone lines are not open and will not open until later in the month.

So with assurances I could add my dog at a later date, I went ahead and placed the booking. Totalling £90.80.
With adding a dog at £25.00 and the entertainment passes at £5.00 per person – the booking would total £130.80.
I wasn’t bothered about linen as we was happy to bring our own at the time of booking.

The very next day, I wanted to cancel the holiday and as soon as I received my booking ation, I called and tried to cancel.
Only to be told that if I cancelled I would lose £88 – which is crazy because your TCs refer to cancellation charges and my booking is more than 70 days away.
I have later established that the dog would be an additional cost of £40.00 and not £25.00 which was stated on The Suns TCs. If your agent had been honest when I called (prior to booking) and said the reason I could not add a dog to the booking was because there was no availability, then I would have booked another park close by.

So anyway, I emailed to see if I could move the holiday to later in the year, seeing as you told me I would lose basically 100% of my money. I was told the additional cost would be £400….. I’m sorry, but when I’m booking a cheap week away, I wouldn’t suggest £500 is a cheap couple of days away!

I have asked numerous time if you can supply me with some dates to move the holiday where I don’t have to be expected to pay hundreds of pounds – as to this date, I have not had any responses to my enquiry.

Everything from my initial enquiry, to booking and everything after has been a shambles due to incorrect information, no upfront breakdowns of everything and the incompetence of your agents.

I am now being asked to pay for Gas, Electric and Service Charges – which again was not outlined as extras at the time booking. Only entertainment passes and the hire of linen was mentioned as extras.

I have already contacted the Dispute Settlement Services, so before I go back to them – I would like a response to complaint and an outcome cancelling and a full refund. Moving the holiday at this time isn’t going to achieve anything – why would I want to holiday at a resort who cannot even respond to my requests? Give correct information? It just hasn’t been a pleasure, if your park is anything like your customer service, then I don’t know what I should expect at the time of arrival!

I have emailed twice already to the complaints email address from Park Dean Resorts and had no response or acknowledgement in over 14 days.

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Suggested solution:

Look at the evidence, the mis-leading and mis-communication provided and provide a full refund of £90.80

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