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on 07 May 2023 about Kroger in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Senior citizens and there healthy food cards the card would have to be scanned first so it will pay for the items that it covers then you will no what to pay for by some other means assistant manager told me it was corporates policy that if you use EBT you have to inter it first if you do that EBT pays for everything and the healthy food card is useless I explained to him how Walmart does it and instead of working with me,he informed me that I needed to go to Walmart.If that’s what senior citizens have to do to be able to get the benefits we deserve then you loose 10 people I have following me and 10 following each one of them and on and on, I’m 80 years old and have been trading with Kroger every where I could I have always taught my children ,my grandchildren and my great grandchildren how to shop there for there best deals my granddaughter went there Thursday night and used her bar code scanner to purchase only the items that are listed by the federal government and at the register it only paid for 2 items out of 30 the lady at the register checked the list on her phone and said she was right she didn’t no why it wasn’t working but there was nothing she could do about it. She had to leave there and go to Walmart with 2 small children to get what she needed, don’t think you still have a customer there do you?

Suggested solution:

Learn how or be taught how to work with senior citizens with any type of assistance that we get because we earned it it's not a handout and I hope that assistant manager there never has to go through what he did to me there was 3 different ways the citation with me could have been handled and everyone would have been satisfied but he chose not to use either of them or

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