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on 07 April 2022 about JetBlue Airways in category Airlines

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My complaint:

I had 2 checked bags at BNA with JetBlue, and when I arrived at JFK, I only received 1. I waited around the carousel for a long time for my second bag, which never came.

I finally went to the service counter at JetBlue baggage claims, where an angry mob was starting to form. I found out that:
1. My 2nd bag did not make it to JFK with me (but JetBlue didn’t inform me beforehand)
2. There was an angry mob forming because 53 bags from a previous flight did not make it to JFK and those people had waited for 3 hours
I proceeded to file a baggage claim with JetBlue, and was told that JetBlue would be sending my second bag on the next flight later that night from BNA to JFK, and they would be sending it to Singapore Airlines for me, because they are interline partners. It was physically impossible for me to wait for my bag because my SQ flight was on the same night.

This process was interrupted for 10-20 minutes because of the angry mob in that area, and it resulted in me running to the next terminal to check in for my flight with SQ.
With 2 ~10kg bags with me, I literally ran from Terminal 5 to Terminal 4 at JFK to the SQ counter. My check in bag was rejected because I was late. This happened only because I waited for my second bag that never came, and because the JetBlue counter staff was distracted trying to handle the angry mob.

I had no choice but to hand-carry my supposed check in bag; of which I forgot I had 2 other electronic items with me I had to declare at TSA. I barely made it for my SQ flight, with gates almost closing on me.

I called everyday for 20 days, but I had no new updates or news, and my calls to my claims specialist is always diverted to the voicemail. My bag is physically in JFK, but I am not able to retrieve it.

Suggested solution:

Send me my bag to where I am, in Singapore

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