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Today we had an Insta cart shopper trying to pay with Google pay and the payment was not going through our system but it had gone through Instacart. We told the customer that we were informed that they could no longer use Apple Pay as a form of payment. He kept insisting that he was not paying by Apple Pay but by Google pay, we tried to tell him that it didn’t matter what he called it it was not going through as paid on our end. I suspended his order and told him that it was an Insta cart problem and that he needed to figure out what was going on, that when he figured out the problem we would take him without having him wait in line. He was not happy with this.
A short time later I was called up to the front to deal with him again and he wanted the corporate number to our store. I went to the office to get that information for him. Meanwhile he keeps yelling about how we don’t know the difference between Google pay and Apple Pay. I opened up the door and tried explaining AGAIN that the form of payment is irrelevant, it wasn’t going through as paid ,in our system. I finished writing down the number and when I opened up the door he had his phone up like he was taking pictures. I shoved the number out the door and closed the door behind him because I did not want him taking pictures. He then started yelling that I pushed the number at him.I open the door again and told him that I did not want him taking pictures of me and he told me he was taking video. I told him that he needed to delete that from his phone because I did not give him permission to record me. He was yelling and causing a scene. He was told to leave the store and he said he was calling the police. The police came and listened to both sides of the story. We had video footage of us and because I am very animated ,you can tell I’m angry with him but there is no audio on the video. People told me later that they could hear him yelling across the store. The police officer told me that he thought we were not letting him go because we thought he was paying with Apple Pay even though we told him several times that was not the reason why we weren’t letting him get his groceries.
This is the first time that I am complaining but it is far from the first time that we’ve had trouble with Instacart shopper’s. I am tired of InstaCart shoppers coming in with the biggest attitude and treating people like absolute crap and then they call the police and we get in trouble for their bad behavior.

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Suggested solution:

Do not let this man do instacart any more.

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