Complaint: False deactivations

on 27 May 2021 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I have a full-time job not just instacart I have not been working for his card there is no money in my account I remember one Saturday looking at instacart to see if there was any orders and I took a picture with out my wig on without my wig on and it wasn’t until a week or so later they told me that a recent photo didn’t match my account and deactivated me and try to say that somebody’s using my account and they don’t have any proof to show that because my account still showing that I made $0 for the past three for weeks so if someone was using my account why wasn’t there any money in it they do not investigate it they say they do but it’s all lies and then they say do not continue to contact us we’re deactivating you and that’s it there is no proof at all they don’t show you the picture and this must stop they need to stop doing this false deactivation defamation of character and taking people out of work for no reason at all. They should be able to produce the pictures if we’re they’re saying is true.

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Is that there should be a lawsuit against them for this because they need to stop doing it that photo program was supposed to be a security measure and they're using it just to get rid of people not because someone else is using their account but because they want to get rid of people.
Otherwise they were proof that someone else use your account and show you the photo so far that I have not seen that one person that they have allowed to prove not even with the ID not even with a driver's license not even with 10 different pictures they do not care they need to be sued because they're taking people out of work for no reason

False deactivations
False deactivations
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Adrianna Archuleta
Adrianna Archuleta (@packersmommy75)
9 days ago

The same thing happened to me. June 8th 2021 I was asked to take a photo to showit’s me. I took the pictureand to came out blurry, I went to delete so I could take another one but hit the send button instead and now I am deactivated after I pleaed with them saying look it’s me and i sent them proof and i was told not enough proof and was Permanently deactivated WTH!!!! THIS IS SO WRONG cause of a simple mistake . So I am contacting a lawyer to see about this I keep I updated