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on 17 December 2020 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My day began normal on the date of 12-15-2020 I completed one double order for fredmyer and things got a little slow so I figured why not try an order for safeway witch was a mistake it was a difficult order but I still succeeded I made my way to the first customers home and I pressed the arrival button and awaited further instructions from the customer about ten minutes passed and I finally received a message through the app from the customer stating that there end of the app was not working and asked if I would please call them directly witch I did they gave me instructions on were to leave the delivery I did so and continued to the next customers home I arrived to an elderly man happy to receive his groceries I received a 3 dollar cash tip and was on my way about an hour later I tryed to log back on and check to see how much money I had saved up from my deliveries as my last known balance was 116 dollars and I expected an increase in 18.00 from my most recent deliveries upon trying to log in the app told me my phone number was invalid and I thought that’s strange I tryed all the available options to get back into my account with no luck my best guess is my account has been hacked and my money is being accessed so I contact support they inform me that my account is being investigated for unauthorized use and I’ll be hearing back from support I receive an email today saying that my account is being closed due to fraudulent uses and that it was used in san Diego California but I’ve never lived in San Diego California and I’ve sent all my past receipts and license information proving that I’ve been living and working in Portland and the company has refused to work with me in any way I’m extremely disgusted in the level of poor service they provide for the workers keeping there company thriving I did my best to provide there customers with the best customer service available and now I’m being robbed for my Christmas money during a pandemic I don’t even know what I’m gonna do next

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Call me and provide some proper fraud assistance

Accused of theft
Accused of theft
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