Complaint: Outrageous Fees

on 07 May 2022 about GO2bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I have several bank institutions connected to Go2 bank. The system will not let me transfer fees into my regular checking account so I can pay my payment to my secured card. I have spoken to representatives with no avail. The only way I can pay my secured card is through the go2 ✔️ ng account. None can help me. The fees keep accruing. Now it’s crazy over the limit and I can’t close the account, although the account is secured by my monies. They insist that I have to pay it down. I don’t even own a debit card for the checking account. Never have, from day one. HELP!!!!!

Suggested solution:

I want the fees taken off and I want to close both accounts.

Outrageous Fees
Outrageous Fees
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